The Washington Region’s Economy: Outlook for 2018

The Washington Region’s Economy: Outlook for 2018

This presentation will examine current and near-term performance trends for the U.S. and Washington metropolitan area economies with an emphasis on forces that could interrupt the business cycle as well as those conditions that are unique to the local economy that help to explain its lagging performance relative to its peers. Jobs, consumer spending, housing, inflation and interest rates, federal spending and budgetary policy, GDP, and GRP (gross regional product) will be tracked and projected over the coming five years. The region’s struggle to diversify its economy away from its federal dependency also will be examined.

About the Speaker: Professor Stephen Fuller


Professor Stephen Fuller is Director of the Stephen S. Fuller Institute for Research on the Washington Region’s Economic Future. His recent research has focusing on the structure of the Washington metropolitan area economy, how this changed during the Great Recession and how it will change going forward as its federal-spending dependency diminishes. He has also undertaken research on the changing workforce requirements of the Washington area’s emerging economy and the housing requirement of this future workforce. His current research involves the impact of Washington region’s economic diversification following the reductions in local federal spending since 2010.

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