The Washington Executives Association membership are highly successful executives and business owners focused on revenue growth and professional development who leverage their connections for one another. We invite like-minded entrepreneurs in the metro-DC region to learn more about WEA and determine whether it is a good fit for your own professional goals.

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What is WEA?

WEA is an invitation-only society of elite executives and business owners who build mutually beneficial professional relationships. We use our personal connections to refer business to other members and serve as mentors to foster one another’s business growth. Eligible peers who share our mission may request an invitation to attend one of our networking events or seminars to meet current members and discuss the association.


Who is eligible to join WEA?

WEA membership includes owners and executive managers who are based in the Greater Washington, DC area, have conducted business within an organizational classification for a minimum of ten years, and possess a reputable character and ethical business reputation. To avoid possible conflict of interest, we do not extend membership to professionals involved in the same business, trade or profession as current WEA members. If you meet our membership criteria, please request an invitation to join this successful networking organization.


How often do members meet?

Our members and invited guests meet weekly to share business opportunities, connections, and ideas. While networking, we acquaint ourselves with one another’s strengths and capabilities, enabling us to facilitate the right introductions. WEA invites high-profile business leaders to speak on a variety of professional development topics. Our networking events attract entrepreneurs and offer additional opportunities to establish new connections.


Multiply your professional connections

Discover whether WEA membership is the right fit for your business goals. Request an invitation to attend a meeting and learn more about WEA. Meetings are held each week at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner. You can also sign up for event notifications if you’d like to add our meetings to your calendar.