Grow revenue through strategic relationships

Washington Executives Association members understand that extraordinary connections and lasting relationships lead to revenue growth. As a group of elite executives and business owners, we use peer connections to expand personal networks and provide one another an increased opportunity for new business opportunities.

Personal referrals lead to new business

Referrals create the best business opportunities and we use our connections to recommend other members to our own valuable network of contacts. We further one another’s corporate growth through networking, referrals, and professional development. Over the past few years, our members report adding millions of dollars in revenue to their own companies through direct member referrals.

WEA regularly hosts high-profile speakers for professional development and to attract other business leaders during weekly networking sessions. Members benefit from the collective expertise and resources of the group, through offered referrals, industry experience, and business advice. Each session yields vital information and provides invaluable peer support. The meetings are engaging and enjoyable. Members and invited guests have a great time getting to know each other’s strengths, capabilities, and objectives.

Become a WEA member

WEA, founded in 2007, is a subchapter of the International Executives Association, one of the oldest networking organizations in the world. It is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors. All members take active and leadership roles on one or more of the following committees: Membership Development, Referrals Committee, Finance Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, Acquaintance/Visitation, Special Events Committees, Member Relations Committee, and Membership Review Board.

The WEA membership assembles each Wednesday from 7:30-9:00am for a breakfast meeting held in The Tower Club in Vienna, Va. We host several social events throughout the year.

If business growth is your priority, consider WEA membership.